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Is it worth the money?  

In the digital age we can now go online and find endless workout videos that you could copy for free. But this requires time and effort to search for and find the right workouts for your goals and more importantly to then motivate yourself to actually do them! If this was easy, everyone would be walking around fit, healthy and lean and health coaches would not exist!  

The 6-week challenge is designed to take the hassle and potential procrastination away by giving you the structure, accountability and support you need to stay motivated for a full 6 weeks so that you can start to see the benefits of a consistent routine.

Furthermore, by paying for it you are placing a value on it which you won’t want to waste. This has statistically shown that you are more likely to adhere to it…and adherence is the key to success in the long term.

If you are doing the challenge as part of a group you will also have the added benefit of feeling like other people are doing the challenge with you. You can share your thoughts, encourage each other and share ideas on healthy eating recipes that you have tried!

Ready to start ? Let’s go!

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