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Personal Training

1 to 1 Sessions tailored to you and your specific goals.

Our Personal Training option is most popular with clients who have a specific goal in mind such as weight/fat loss, muscle toning, cardiovascular fitness or gains in strength. Training sessions are fully private and all of the attention is on you. I will design the training sessions around your specific goals to ensure the right type of exercise is being done to get the best results for you.

Prices below are for training indoors at my East hill studio space. You can also opt for outdoor sessions when the weather is nice (usually March-Oct).

Prices for Personal Training Packages:

  • 6 Week Challenge (6 sessions x 1 per week) = £420.00
  • 12 Week Program (12 sessions x 1 per week) = £795.00
  • 12 Week Program (24 sessions x 2 per week) = £1559.00

Get in touch today to book a free phone consultation and one FREE TASTER SESSION (Worth £70.00) –  This is a limited time offer for the last remaining PT slots. Email alexcahillfitness@gmail.com

Partner Training

Train with a partner for fun and cost saving!

Partner Personal Training is when you train with a partner, perhaps a friend, husband or wife and you split the cost of the session between two. We have found that the partner option works really well for people for a number of reasons – It can be more fun to train with someone else especially someone you like spending time with. For many people it is also more comfortable to come to sessions and exercise with someone you know. It can also introduce some friendly competitiveness where you push yourself a little harder than you would on your own… and last but not least, it’s cheaper!

You still get a lot of personal attention like you would in an individual PT programme but for almost half the price! Partner training is affordable, personal and fun!

Prices for Partner Training Packages:

  • 6 session block – £480.00
  • 12 session block – £899.00 (Save £61.00)

6 week fitness plan – Online

Burn body fat, tone muscles and feel great in just 6 weeks.

How it Works 

  • My 6 week online fitness plan is designed for busy people to kickstart their fitness into action with a structured workout plan, healthy eating ideas and full support and accountability from a qualified coach.
  • Suitable for people looking to lose body fat/weight, improve fitness, tone up, get stronger and feel healthier.
  • Your goal will be to complete 2 x 20-minute workouts every week for a period of 6 weeks. Up to 2 extra workouts each week are encouraged if you have the time but rest days are also important.
  • You will be given access to a private playlist of workouts on my YouTube channel and Private Facebook group. These workouts are all 20 minutes long with the key elements of cardio, resistance and core work included in each workout. You can simply follow along with me while I guide and motivate you through it. You can play the workouts on your phone/iPad or through a smart TV for a big screen experience (if you have one).
  • You don’t need any equipment (e.g weights) to do this challenge. So, to get started all you need is somewhere to do your workouts. If this is indoors at home you won’t need much space but a general guideline is enough space to put an exercise mat down and have a few spare feet of space around it. If you are going to a gym all you will need is a small bit of floor space where you can place a mat.
  • If you do have access to dumbbells, kettlebells or resistance bands and would like to incorporate them into your challenge that’s no problem. My YouTube channel has lots of weights-based workouts too.
  • You will have full support from me as your coach throughout. If you need help at any point, I am just a WhatsApp or email away and we will do a quick check in on a weekly basis.
  • You will be given useful information about nutrition and healthy food recipes that you can try throughout the challenge. Most recipes take 10-20 minutes or less to prepare.
  • If you are doing the challenge as part of a group you get access to the group community where you can share progress updates, share food ideas, and benefit from group accountability and motivation.


Is this challenge right for you?

This challenge will suit you if:

  • You want to take positive action and kickstart a new fitness plan
  • You want to lose weight, improve fitness, tone up and feel stronger
  • You need short workouts that you can do anywhere with no equipment
  • You need help with motivation and accountability to get exercise done regularly
  • You like the idea of having a structured plan and support from a coach
  • You want to boost your overall health and wellbeing
  • You are injury free with no limiting medical conditions


Does this sound like you? – Get started today…


This challenge may not be right for you if:

  • You are looking for a personalised body transformation program with macro/calorie calculations and a tailored meal plan.
  • You have any injuries or medical conditions that may prevent you from doing certain exercises.
  • Please note: If you fall into any of the above categories please enquire about a more personalised online coaching plan.


Top 10 benefits that others have experienced from doing this challenge

  1. Weight loss / body fat reductions
  2. Improved cardiovascular fitness and endurance
  3. Boosted energy levels
  4. Feeling stronger/more toned
  5. Feeling more confident and happier
  6. Reduced stress and improved mood
  7. Better quality sleep
  8. More productivity at work
  9. Helped create a habit of exercise that has continued
  10. Learned more about healthy food choices


Is it worth the money?

In the digital age we can now go online and find endless workout videos that you could copy for free. But this requires time and effort to search for and find the right workouts for your goals and more importantly to then motivate yourself to actually do them! If this was easy, everyone would be walking around fit, healthy and lean and health coaches would not exist!

The 6-week challenge is designed to take the hassle and potential procrastination away by giving you the structure, accountability and support you need to stay motivated for a full 6 weeks so that you can start to see the benefits of a consistent routine.

Furthermore, by paying for it you are placing a value on it which you won’t want to waste. Research has proven that you are more likely to adhere to an exercise program if you have paid for it and have accountability…and adherence is the key to success in the long term.

If you are doing the challenge as part of a group you will also have the added benefit of feeling like other people are doing the challenge with you. You can share your thoughts, encourage each other and share ideas on healthy eating recipes that you have tried!

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Private Group Training

If you have a small group of friends/work colleagues and you would all like to train together privately, then this is a great option. You can have between 3 and 6 people in your group and the more people you have the cheaper the cost is because you split the price between you. Sessions are usually circuit style using a range of equipment and sometimes partnering with other team members which encourages teamwork and creates added motivation.

Prices for Private Group Training Packages:

  • 6 Session Block = £80 per session = £480.00 (cost can be split between up to 6 people)

Group Classes

Group training has become hugely popular in recent years. Exercising with other people can be very motivating while also being a fun and sociable outlet. When you find a good group of people to train with, the likelihood is that you will keep turning up each week. Having accountability to yourself and others is often what keeps people from failing to sustain a regular exercise regime. Our group sessions are always fun, interactive and challenging with the group dynamic and energy becoming addictive!

Prices for Classes:

  • Pay as you Go = £15.00 per class
  • Bundle offers available


Nutrition is a crucial part of leading a healthy lifestyle and getting your nutrition right can mean the difference between getting results from your fitness training or not. So the two must go hand in hand. All of our trainers are educated on optimal nutrition guidance and can help you to ensure you are eating the right things to fuel your body for exercise and to keep you looking healthy and vibrant all year round.

Click here to see some of our nutritious meal ideas on Instagram.


A full body group workout using bodyweight and equipment-based exercises to ensure a high work rate and guaranteed results.

Class Location: Wandsworth Common / Spencer Park
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Mums, Bums and Tums

A perfect class for Mums with buggies or young kids in tow! Focus is primarily on bum, legs and tummy toning using bodyweight and selected equipment to target those difficult areas.

Class Location: Wandsworth Common / Spencer Park
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Powerplay is a class designed specifically for those who want to improve their lean muscle mass and strength. It is open to both male and female clients with a focus on resistance training, lifting, strength and dynamic power. Kettlebells, Dumbells, Battleropes and VIPR tubes are used extensively in this session.

Class Location: Wandsworth Common / Spencer Park
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HIITwave – HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. A shorter 45 minute high-intensity class designed to get your heart rate racing and into the fat-burning zone. The class is fast paced with continual movement throughout at regular intervals. Recovery times are clocked so that the body continues to push through its barriers and adapt each week.

Class Location: Wandsworth Common / Spencer Park
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