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Nifty, Fifties and Sixties

If you have hit that magical milestone of 50 years on the planet (or more!), have no fear, you can still get out and get fit with Outfiters. We have designed a class specifically for those who may not feel older mentally but who may need exercises that put less stress on the joints and bones! Attending this class doesn’t mean you are OLD! It just means you have acknowledged that you are not 30 anymore!

Class Location: Wandsworth Common / Spencer Park

Nifty, Fifties and Sixties will suit you if:

  • You are in your 50s or 60s!
  • You want to exercise but with added care for the body
  • You want to exercise with people of your own age
  • You don’t like going to a gym

Benefits of Nifty, Fifties and Sixties:

  • Maintain an active lifestyle beyond 50
  • Improve all round body movement and fitness
  • Feel younger and more energetic
  • Improve bone strength and muscle flexibility
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